Tours in Gal√°pagos

North Seymour

There are large colonies of magnificent frigate birds, blue-footed boobies and sea lions, both species of iguanas are found along the trail. Large waves break along the western shore of the visitor site where frequently you may see surfing sea lions.

Mosquera Islet

This site is a small sand bar island fully colonized by all size sea lions. Pup sea lions playing in tide pools is rather a highlight since they are quite playful. Oysters catchers and endemic lava gulls maybe seen.


Beautiful volcanic moonscape of the Galapagos. The famous PINNACLE rock is here. Snorkeling: is quite fun, there are white tipped sharks, lots of fishes everywhere and penguins.

Santa Fe

One land Iguana species exist in Santa Fe island nowhere else in the Galapagos. Giant cactus as tall as 30 feet tall are found along the trail. Galapagos hawks maybe seen along the trail. Snorkeling site could be the best since there are large colonies of young sea lions!

Santa Cruz

The highlands of Santa Cruz island have the second largest Galapagos population of giant tortoises, there is also a chance to walk into the lava tunnel formations.

South Plaza

Marine and Land iguanas maybe found together along the trail, the cliff area is home for lots of sea birds like tropic birds, there is a large colony of sea lions and even a bachelor colony of old and young males sea lions congregate in one corner of the island. The cactus forest and the red ground cover plants make together beautiful island scenery.

Dive: Gordon Rocks

Diving inside this old crater is quite interesting since there a lot of dynamic currents that activate the underwater marine activity so expect to find small reef fish on the rocks of all kinds and large pelagic species in the blue.

Dive: North Seymour

All sort of reef fish congregate along the Seymour dive site, different types of moray eels and rays are easily seen. Sometimes more than 30 white tipped sharks are found together swimming against the current. Often manta rays or hammerhead sharks maybe found along the way. This is one of the few dive sites where you can find two Galapagos sea lions species (fur seals and sea lions)

Dive: Cousins Rocks

Easy dive site at the start you find playful sea lions then a wall of Galapagos black corals, finally slope with eagle rays. Sometimes you find Galapagos sea horses

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