Fuel in Galapagos

About the Station & Fuel Product:

  • Batra Island fuel dock GPS:  0°26’10.8″S 90°17’07.0″W
  • There is only one fuel station, located at BALTRA ISLAND at AELOLIAN BAY
  • The fuel station belongs to the Ecuador fuel state company called PETROECUADOR
  • Large fuel amounts are available in Baltra fuel terminal.
  • There is only one diesel product available in the Galapagos, it normally complies the standards


About fuel delivery authorizations:

  • SEA MASTERS must create a yacht registration into the fuel state company system so the yacht may be authorized to obtain fuels at Baltra station.
  • This yacht registration is called “FUEL CODE AUTHORIZATION”
  • Fuel code authorization may take three business days to be issued


About fuel prices, orders & deliveries:

  • Every first business day of the month there is a new fuel price valid till the last day of the same month
  • Fuel deliveries are possible the 7 days of the week.
  • Yachts need to request the most exact amount of fuel needed since it is not possible to buy more fuel on sight and is not possible to leave fuel requested and not taken.
  • SEAMSTERS works will many YACHT FUEL BROKERS for possible fuel orders
  • We may provide credit for fuel deliveries


About the fuel dock

  • The dock is 80 meters long and 10 meters deep in high tide
  • Normally all yachts go stern to the dock, sometimes yachts go along side too
  • There are two pipes at the dock. PIPE ONE has a length of 35 meters. The flow rate goes from 100 liters per minute to 250 liters per minute. PIPE TWO Second has a length of 25 meters. The flow rate goes from 250 liters to 450 liters per minute.
  • Best recommended time for the yachts to go to the fuel dock is in the late morning after all local yachts have finished taking fuel so then the dock is empty and plenty of space is available.
  • 2 inches cam-lock is normally available at the station.
  • Three private fuel barges available with fuel capacities of 33.000 / 45.000 / 68.000 Liters.


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