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In the last 12 years our team has delivered services and provided solutions to the most unusual and sometimes even strange request made by our yacht clients. We are a professional team with real experience to our location. We like every new challenge, making our clients happy is our reward.

Sea Masters Team

Antonio Moreano

Started to work as a licenses Naturalist guide for the Galapagos National Park 25 years ago. Antonio has experienced over 5000 dives in the Galapagos Marine reserve waters as a dive instructor and has been the Naturalist guide leader for over 600 cruises in the Galapagos National Park. He has assisted film expeditions and scientific expeditions tagging whale sharks.

He has also acted as the main guide for royal families and important visitor to our islands. 

Antonio is an authentic expert of the Galapagos Islands.  Antonio is now the head of SEA MASTERS GALAPAGOS YACHT AGENCY and uses his unique skills and knowledge gained in the last years to organize Super Yacht cruising permits, formalities and personally designs yacht itineraries and activities for yacht owners and their guests willing to visit The Galapagos. He has worked in all types of vessels, he used to own a restaurant business in town and he also owns a small luxury hotel in Puerto Ayora so he understands the Captains, Chefs and Interior departments of yachts. His company has contributed to the Conservation of the islands and the sustainable development of the community therefore he has an excellent relationship and friendship with local authorities and communities.

Inrry Rodriguez

Yacht agent

Studied at the ESPOL University of Guayaquil where she obtained a degree in Tourism. Inrry is a yacht agent, licensed by the Navy of Ecuador. She  manages the office paper work and yacht formalities needed with over 6 government offices while yachts in the Galapagos.  In 2017 she has become a licensed Galapagos National park Naturalist and soon will become part of our team of Naturalist.

Nelson Loor

Yacht agent

Studied at the Catholic University of Guayaquil where he obtained an engineering degree in Management of Touristic companies. Nelson is a yacht agent, licensed by the Navy of Ecuador. He also manages the office paper work and yacht formalities needed with all government offices and fuel logistics needed while yachts in the Galapagos. He manages The Blue Heron Villa owned by our company. Nelson also enjoys his time as a high performance basketball, soccer player and loves to participate in all local marathons..

Conchita Coello


Studied at the Catholic University of Guayaquil where she obtained an engineering degree in Management of Tour and Hotel companies. Conchita is a yacht agent, licensed by the Navy of Ecuador but her main and only job in the company is to make sure our yachts and chefs get the best possible support and services for provisions. Conchita used to manage our restaurant in the past. She is a hard worker and understands perfectly what chefs need. Conchita also manages her family local tour boat business

Media Specialist Sea Masters Associated

Yoya Landázuri

Media Fixer

With over 18 years experience in Communications and PR, and 10 years as a Production liaison in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands I have help others to find and discover the beauty and wonders in this unique country, my country.

For me, creativity and quality are everything. I work hard every day to ensure my services are of the highest international standards.

Being away from my country for many years made me see and value the wonders, beauty, and undiscovered paradise I come from.

And through my work I try to showcase  the story that makes Ecuador to be what it is and to inspire others to come and discover heaven. 


My passion is helping others find ways to make the world fall in love with Ecuador and the Enchanted Islands of Galápagos, and through life changing experiences motivate millions to find the need for conservations and immediate actions.

Some of my experience has being involved with productions and events such us:

Prince Charles Royal visit to Ecuador and Galapagos. Lord Nicholas Stern with the Stern Report official visit to Ecuador and Galapagos Islands . Galapagos 3D with Sir David Attenborough – BBC – Mission Galápagos – BBC – Man to Manta – Clunes Productions – Tiger Shark for Shark Week – Discovery . Vanishing Ocens VR – RDI Productions

Sea Masters Costa Rica & Panama Agencies

Nico Ghersinich

Well known in the diving industry as technical diving instructor, underwater cameraman and diving officer of a world leading dive live aboard fleet in Cocos Island and Malpelo, Nico has been the natural first choice as top uw and naturalist guide when Super-Yachts started to cruise and explore the Eastern Tropical Pacific as a new destination.

Thanks to his impressive background in the Natural History filming logistic (in Costa Rica as well as in remote areas of Panama, Mexico, Guatemala & Venezuela) and his deep knowledge of the coastline and Islands of Panama and Costa Rica, it then became natural to combine all these skills with few selected professionals in the area and offer a whole new concept of support for Private Yachts.

This very unique team of SeaMasters is still together after 10 years…..

Nico is also a close circuit re-breather diver, submarine pilot and has guided on board more than 50 Super-Yachts on their cruise around all the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Proud father of Omar, Darien and Leonardo

Cristiano Paoli

Graduate in Naval engineering, explorer and adventurous minded, experienced the seas in several ways, from captain/engineer on commercial fishing vessels to captain and dive guide on diving live a boards in Cocos, Malpelo, Coiba and Panama. Cris worked in major underwater documentary projects as safety / re-breather diver and also collaborates as expert shark tagger with several conservation and scientific programs.

He proudly redesigned and refurbished our 43′ Explorer “Aguila“, now with many offshore filming and scientific expeditions under her hull.

Passionate motor biker, spear fisherman and free-diver, currently holds an impressive 6’32“ static breath hold personal record.

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