Sea Master Agency Services

Our main service will always be to make your visit to our islands the most enjoyable and smooth possible by looking after any possible yacht, crew and guests request. Please feel free to ask and will make it happen. Below a list of most common services we provide for our yachts clients:

Cruising Permits

The Galapagos National Park and Marine Reserve are special protected areas therefore our government demands that all non Galapagos Registered yachts must be first authorized to visit our islands under cruising permits. As a licensed Galapagos Agency we normal look after all proper yacht permits needed. It is our main job to process all this permits on your behalf. Two months in advance preparation is recommended in order to start the Galapagos permits however if needed we can do our best to get a cruising permits in a shorter time.

Yacht itineraries

& Guests Tours

We have been part of more than 600 Galapagos cruises which included diving, land walks and fishing activities. We are real Galapagos experts. Our background allows us to design the best possible Galapagos Itineraries for your principals and their guests. We also understand quite well the navigations, weathers and anchorage sites. Our itineraries are designed based on guests request including snorkeling, sport fishing, scuba diving, land walks to the best sites, VIP visits to the park visitor centers and Darwin Station VIP tours with local scientist or even arrangements for local ranches and restaurants with private meal arrangements.

Galapagos Itinerary (PDF)

Galapagos including Wolf and Darwin (PDF)

Galapagos Provisions

Galapagos is considered a remote location. All the best produce must be imported form the mainland Ecuador. We also have a Galapagos quarantine food product restrictions. After dealing with many demanding chefs we must say it did take years for Sea Masters Galapagos to develop an efficient Yacht provisions delivery system. We specialize in selecting and packing all possible local and imported available products in the country. For Galapagos you will mainly need our best selection of available fresh fruits and vegetables however we have well detail list we may provide for your orders

Naturalist Guides

It is mandatory to have a licensed Naturalist or Dive guide on board to visit the park protect areas with your own Super Yacht. The naturalist guide represents the National Park however he or she is privately hired by our agency. The guide plays and important role during the trip since he or she will show and explain your guests the natural history of the islands. Our guides have been chosen to work with us because of their knowledge but mainly they work with us because of their personality and skills to deal with important visitors. At the end of the trip, our guests and captains love our team of naturalist guides.

logistics  & Transports

While in Galapagos you will need a diversity of transports for guests, crew, yacht contractors, principals and their guests. Sea Masters Galapagos will carefully coordinate these logistics. We have a list of local services that we control in order to avoid delays. We also work in a close coordination with the local jet handling company in charge of the yacht owner´s plane. Our logistic services may include chartering planes, support dive boats, local day tour boats, trash removals, importations, exportations and currier (DHL, FEDEX)

Technical Support & Spears

Locally we have a little diversity of spear parts and repair services however our agency has a data base of every single supplier that exist in the Galapagos and the mainland Ecuador therefore if a part is needed urgently and happens to be available in the Galapagos or the country of Ecuador, be sure we will find and get it for you. We also have a direct contact with the local workshops in the islands so when a possible repair is needed and can be done in the Galapagos be sure we will get it done for you.

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